The CBC Group consists of CBC, Magtech, MEN and Sellier & Bellot ammunition factories and distribution centers.

CBC Group Mission

Our mission at the CBC Group is to be recognized as a world leader in the engineering, manufacture, and marketing of rifle, pistol, shotshell and rimfire ammunition products and related components. Our business is to provide our extensive global customer base with state-of-the-art, high quality ammunition products for defense, law enforcement, military, and recreational purposes.
When the time comes to pull the trigger, there should be absolutely no question that you can count on your ammunition to perform. CBC Group designs and manufacturers ammunition to improve and simplify the shooting process, while meeting the highest demands for function, reliability, and quality.
Extreme shooting conditions put unique demands on your equipment and when it comes to accuracy and terminal performance, our mission is to outfit your weapon with the finest ammunition in the world.

CBC Group Values

The CBC Group values the deep emotional connection that is created with our customers through our products, services and experiences. We are fueled by the brand loyalty and trust that our customers place in us to deliver superior quality ammunition to meet the promise of a fulfilling shooting experience.

Our values work to assure our company's success and the personal fulfillment and well-being of our employees through:

Commitment to superior customer satisfaction. We believe in building loyal, trusting partnerships of our employees, dealers, and customers by striving to exceed customer expectations and consistently providing high value for their investment. We align all business objectives with the expectations of customers. Our customers are the focus of our business and we are responsive, straight-forward and committed in all dealings with customers. We build long-term customer relationships through superior performance.

Trust and respect for the individual. Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. We treat our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the community with dignity, fairness and courtesy. Respect for every individual builds a team of empowered, self-motivated and creative employees, committed to excellence. We believe that providing our employees challenges for growth and recognition demonstrates a long-term commitment and provides a promising future for them. We continually invest in our people and reward performance and initiative. Diversity in people and perspective is valued. We rigorously select, empower, and grow people who demand the best of themselves and others.

Cooperation and communication. We believe that cooperation among employees, shareholders, dealers, customers, and suppliers is essential for continued success. We believe that open communication and cooperative teamwork produces a work environment for constructive decision making. We succeed through collaborative efforts directed at achieving common, defined objectives. We share information, cooperate across organizational boundaries, focus on adding value, and earn the trust of our teammates. Our people are empowered to make decisions and initiate change at all levels.

Continuous innovation and improvement. We operate in an environment that encourages innovation, creativity and sound business judgment to overcome obstacles, meet aggressive goals and improve products and processes. We believe that continuous improvement of our products, processes, services, and skills provides long-term success for our employees, dealers, and customers. We constantly challenge the status quo and meet our short and long-term commitments.

Good corporate citizen. We believe that as a good corporate citizen we support the environments, communities, and partnerships which contribute to our success.

Commitment to world leadership. Our goal is to be the recognized as the worldwide leader in small arms ammunition. The CBC Group is well-known for innovation, quality, responsiveness and value. We continuously strive to be the standard by which performance is measured. We execute with facts, urgency, and decisiveness. After more than 187 years of working closely with military and law enforcement experts, experienced hunters, and marksmen around the world, the CBC Group aims to be the #1 choice for ammunition.

CBC Group References

A wide variety of demanding users depend on the CBC Group for quality ammunition.

Military and police: For many decades, elite military and police forces around the world have used our ammunition to protect and defend their communities.

Competitive shooters: Top international competitive shooters rely on the accuracy and dependability of our ammunition to keep them at the top of their game.

Hunters: Hunters from around the world depend on our ammunition to take virtually any type of game. From African Safaris to Alaskan Adventures, hunters rely on the performance of our ammunition for their big game, small game and wingshooting experiences.