The CBC Group consists of CBC, Magtech, MEN and Sellier & Bellot ammunition factories and distribution centers.

Quality Policy

It all starts with a commitment to quality. We believe that when a customer chooses to purchase CBC Group ammunition products, they don’t do so just for the value, they do so because they want the best. The CBC Group policy is to meet or exceed our customers' requirements for world-class ammunition products and services through our commitment to quality and our quest for continuous improvement.

From research through design and manufacturing, at every step we ensure that CBC Group products are best in class – guaranteed.

We are focused on setting the standard for performance the world over and we achieve this objective through better ammunition test management.  Raw material sourcing and quality control testing is complex and requires years of expertise in metallurgy and ballistics. An important step to improving ammunition quality is advancing test management practices beyond old-fashioned methods. The general goal of test management is to define, measure, and track quality goals.

In our ballistic laboratories worldwide, we put our complete line of high performance ammunition products through a relentless battery of tests to ensure that every ammunition product meets our exacting standards for durability, dependability, accuracy and on-target performance.

Here are a just a few of the ammunition test management phases we incorporate into our quality assurance program:

  • Machine and Visual Inspection Systems are located throughout the manufacturing process to test for precise weight and shape of the components, plus many detailed measurement and visual requirements. Each ammunition production lot undergoes rigorous, industry-leading testing and numerous quality control checks during the manufacturing process.
  • Internal Ballistic Testing: The study of the cartridge from the time it is ignited until the projectile exits the barrel, including barrel pressure and other internal component tests.
  • External Ballistics Testing: The study of the projectile after it leaves the barrel and before it hits the target, including velocity and accuracy.
  • Terminal Ballistics Testing: The study of the projectile when it hits the target, including expansion, penetration, and weight retention.  We perform various military and law enforcement specific tests, including the FBI Protocol Test
  • Function Testing: We have an extensive inventory of weaponry to test correct function and reliability.
  • Torture Testing: We test thousands of rounds in extreme environmental conditions such as temperature and moisture
  • Factory personnel and consumers around the world provide feedback and testimonials on real world hunting, competition, and defense applications
  • Designing products that meet civilian and law enforcement safety specifications: SAAMI and C.I.P
  • Designing products that meet rigorous military specifications: NATO and U.S. Mil. Spec.

From plinking to competitive shooting, target shooting to silhouettes, hunting to personal defense, our complete line of high performance ammunition continues to raise the standards for dependability, accuracy and on-target performance.

As a state-of-the-art ammunition company, we take quality control and test management to an extreme level.  In addition to computer modeling and all of the mechanical and imaging inspections during manufacturing, we also test fire more than 2,500,000 rounds per year to insure our world-class quality standards.

In summary, it’s clear to see that our extensive quality assurance process is very in-depth and comprehensive. It’s not the easiest or cheapest way to make ammunition, but it’s the only way we know how to make world-class ammunition products.