The CBC Group consists of CBC, Magtech, MEN and Sellier & Bellot ammunition factories and distribution centers.

CBC Group Technology

At the CBC Group, our passion for building quality ammunition didn’t start yesterday and our commitment for innovation isn’t stopping tomorrow. We’ve spent the better part of two centuries listening and learning from shooters all over the world. We continue to refine and perfect our current ammunition, while pushing ourselves to design new revolutionary ammunition concepts. Considering our beginnings in 1825, it’s an extensive legacy of leadership with more manufacturing experience than any other ammunition brand in the world.

Rocket science? Ok, well almost. At the CBC Group, we believe technology is the source, the foundation, and the force that moves our world. Thanks to several multi-million dollar investment strategies, we have designed world-class facilities built around a culture that is committed to driving innovation through state-of-the-art manufacturing. Continuous investment in our ammunition factories and distribution centers enables the CBC Group to compete rigorously in the global ammunition market, while aiding flexible production and improved productivity. By design, our facilities are consistently sharing information to improve product performance while further fine-tuning the manufacturing process.

Environmental innovation is also carefully managed during the CBC Group’s manufacturing processes. Utilizing an extensive network of engineers, we're consistently developing new technologies that deliver responsible product design along with sustainable and eco-focused programs.

The CBC Group is committed to state-of-the-art manufacturing process development. The core activities consist of the following:

  • Process optimization & standardization
  • Cycle-time optimization
  • Advanced tool development
  • Process standardization
  • Machine turnkey integration
  • Fixture design & integration
  • Tooling design & implementation
  • Process capability verification

These projects are focused on supporting CBC Group’s profitable global expansion, by developing, optimizing and standardizing flexible manufacturing processes, which give the CBC Group a true competitive advantage. The CBC Group is 100% committed to our vision of growing the company in a very competitive global market.