Sellier & Bellot is a trusted global brand that has produced high-performance and dependable ammunition products to the shooting sports marketplace since 1825.  With billions of rounds of small-caliber ammunition sold in more than 50 countries, you can be confident that an industry leader stands behind your purchase with the products and services you deserve. The innovation is clear. The workmanship is evident. The quality speaks for itself. Being good at what we do isn’t arrogance when it’s backed up with 187 years of proof and millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

Sellier & Bellot rifle ammunition is designed and field-tested to provide shooters and hunters with the widest selection of caliber offerings and the highest performance projectiles in the market today. 


Caliber Offering: 204 Ruger, 22 Hornet, 222 Remington, 223 Remington, 22-250 Remington, 5.6x50R Magnum, 5.6x52R, 243 Winchester, 6.5x52R, 6.5x55 SE, 6.5x57, 6.5x57R, 6.8mm Remington SPC, 270 Winchester, 7x57, 7x57R, 7x64, 7x65R, 7mm Remington Magnum, 303 British, 30 Carbine, 30-30 Winchester, 308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, 300 Winchester Magnum, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, 8x57 JR, 8x57 JS, 8x57 JRS, 8x64 S, 9.3x62, 9.3x72R, 9.3x74R, 338 Lapua

Exergy – Solid Copper Technology: The Sellier & Bellot Exergy projectile is the bullet for the future. Exergy is a new generation of hunting bullet that features cross grooves precisely cut into the all-copper construction. Accuracy is optimized as the expansion cavity is sealed with an aluminum tip to maximize external ballistics. Upon impact, the Exergy bullet utilizes a radius shape and concave tip with cannelure groove to deliver quick and controlled expansion. The Exergy is a bullet with new characteristics. The result is that Exergy bullets deliver maximum weight retention, no fragmentation and deeper penetration than lead-core bullets.

Nosler Partition: The Nosler Partition is a bullet with two lead cores, separated by a solid metal wall (partition). The thick jacket tightly crimped to the rear core ensures the bullet’s mechanical integrity and delivers deep penetration. A thin front jacket promotes rapid and dramatic expansion. This proven technology assures the right combination of shock effect and maximum penetration. The Nosler Partition has consistently delivered accuracy, controlled expansion and weight retention to hunters around the world.

Sierra GameKing: Sierra GameKing® projectiles are designed for hunting at long range, where their extra margin of performance can make the critical difference. Sierra GameKing® projectiles feature a boat-tail design to bring hunters the ballistic advantage of match bullets. The streamlined tapered base of the boat-tail bullet greatly reduces drag, which results in higher retained velocity, greater striking energy, a flatter trajectory and less wind drift than comparable flat base bullets.

Hornady Plastic Tip Special: Sellier & Bellot combines the highest-quality brass, primers, and powders with the Hornady PTS polymer tipped projectiles for peak performance. The Hornady PTS features a polymer tip to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics for flatter trajectories and improved accuracy. Hornady PTS bullets differ from other plastic-tipped rifle bullets because they were designed to be a big-game bullet. The copper jackets used on the Hornady PTS bullets are thicker than the jackets used on varmint bullets, which aids in weight retention and assists in penetration deep into the vitals.

Soft Point Cutting Edge: The SPCE is a semi-jacketed soft point projectile with a unique cutting edge built in the jacket. The unique soft nose jacket design partially locks the lead core to deliver uniform, reliable expansion and maximum energy deposit on game targets. The SPCE projectile is available in a wide variety of calibers.

Soft Point: Soft Point projectiles are famous for high-energy impact and reliable expansion. Soft point bullets work very well for most hunting applications as the exposed lead soft point initiates expansion to produce a mushroom-like shape, which enhances the lethal effect. These reliable projectiles are available in a wide assortment of calibers at an economical price.

Hollow Point Capped: The HPC projectile delivers flat trajectory and awesome terminal performance on big-game animals. HPC incorporates a copper-tip for pinpoint accuracy and the bullets are designed to expand deep in the target to produce a devastating level of transferred energy.

Sierra MatchKing: Sierra MatchKing® HPBT (Hollow Point Boat Tail) projectiles are super-accurate and every bullet is held to exacting tolerances in diameter and weight. The Sierra MatchKing® HPBT design provides that extra margin of ballistic performance match shooters need to fire at long ranges under adverse conditions. Experience world-class ballistic performance with Sierra MatchKing® projectiles.

Full Metal Jacket: Full Metal Jacket projectiles are the ideal choice for recreational target shooting and training. When you want great value without sacrificing quality and performance, you can rely on Sellier & Bellot, Magtech and CBC full metal jacket ammunition to deliver results.