Law Enforcement

If you are a progressive thinking Law Enforcement Distributor or Law Enforcement Agency searching for quality ammunition at competitive pricing, please consider stocking and promoting Sellier & Bellot High Performance Ammunition for training and duty situations.
Sellier & Bellot ammunition and components are manufactured using the finest components and we offer a huge selection of ammunition in rifle, pistol and shotshells to satisfy all your needs.
To inquire about current Sellier & Bellot programs available in your marketing area, contact us by calling Sellier & Bellot direct at 1.800.466.7191 or by email at

If you would like to order through one of Sellier & Bellot’s Authorized Law Enforcement Distributors, click on the link.

Excise Tax

Federal Excise Tax (FET) is not sales tax, it is a use tax imposed by the Federal Government on products such as firearms and ammunition. Section 4221(a)(4) of the Internal Revenue Service Code exempts all state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies, and the U.S Armed Forces from paying FET.

Purchase orders for ammunition from governmental agency/department who meet the exemption criteria are required to submit purchase order on agency/department letterhead and document the FET exemption by submitting an FET Exemption Form.

NOTICE: FET exemption does not apply to Federal law enforcement agencies (FBI, DEA, etc.) or to individual law enforcement officers.

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