Hunting Checklist

That hunt you have looked forward to for so long will be here before you know it. Hunting trips can be easily ruined or certainly made less enjoyable than they should have been by simply forgetting one or two essential items.

Before heading out on your next hunting adventure, use the hunting checklist to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. The Sellier & Bellot Hunting Checklist is available for download. It is in a PDF format, download, print, and you will be set!

The following tips are a surefire way to make sure you never again forget an important item on your next outdoor adventure.

  1. Review your Sellier & Bellot hunting checklist for all of your favorite hunts, print them out, and add or take out gear from year to year.  Go over the list several times and make sure everything you could possibly need for your trip is on it.
  2. Wash hunting clothing in scent free soap and hang dry it outside.  After everything is dry, bag individual outfits in scent free bags, then pack them into a plastic tote or duffle bag.  When you get to camp, open your first set of clothing with belt, socks, camo, gloves, beanie and underwear.  It’s all right there and your quick to dress.
  3. Make a list of all the food you want to bring on your trip.  Once again, in an effort to make things easy in the woods, all food is prepackaged into daily bags.
  4. Layout all your gear and make sure that everything that could be malfunctioning gets a thorough inspection. Tents are set up, air mattresses are checked for leaks and cooking stoves are fired up to make sure they are all in tip top shape.
  5. Once you’re sure everything is in working order, it’s time to pack. Every item that appears on your list should be checked off the list as you pack it. There are always one or two items that end up not being checked off on my list so I have to go back and make sure I’ve got them. Once everything is loaded into backpacks and duffels, go over the list one last time. If everything receives a checkmark you know everything is going to make the trip.
  6. Lastly, make a list of all the bags you’ve packed.  Once they make it into the truck, check them off and you’ll know you have everything you need.  This is just to ensure that you don’t go to all that trouble and then forget a fully packed bag in the garage.

It is all about maximizing hunting time and minimizing time spent looking for things. Try this system next time you take off on a trip and we guarantee you will not have to suffer or go without!