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Sellier & Bellot is committed to continuously improving your experience with our ammunition products. Do you have a product idea that you would like to share? Our development team would love to hear your ideas on how to improve and enhance our products. Send us your great ideas and suggestions, or just let us know if you like a current product offering.
Product suggestions can include:

  • Ways to enhance current products or features.
  • Ideas for new features, products or services.
  • General feedback for Sellier & Bellot products.

We ask for your product suggestions in order to improve our products and services.  By making a product suggestion to us, you give us permission to use that suggestion in our products and services. Please be aware that many ideas submitted to us are actually duplicative of ideas or technology already in existence, and hence available to everyone. Further, some ideas we receive are duplicative of concepts that we are already considering or are already using to enhance our existing products or develop new ones. Thus, we cannot make any representations, nor can we assume any obligations, with respect to any idea submitted to us.

Please note: Sellier & Bellot does take the time to consider every suggestion.

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Sellier & Bellot does not assume any obligations or liabilities of any kind by receiving, considering or using my submission, the contents of my submission, or any models, prototypes or other materials included with my submission, nor shall any obligations or liabilities be implied against Sellier & Bellot by virtue of such activities.

Please do not submit technical support questions here. If you have a technical issue with one of our products that you need help resolving, please visit the Service section of this site.